Welcome to
Mithrandir Process!

We provide services mainly within the fields of engineering and ballooning and aviation safety.

At a first glance, these two fields may look very diverse, but in fact they have much in common. The skills listed below are only a few examples of things that are vital in engineering as well as in ballooning.

  • Ability to handle and draw conclusions from large amounts of diffuse and more or less uncertain information, in a a continuous situation analysis and planning process.
  • Curiosity to find out what really makes things work, and even more important; What makes them work safely.
  • Leadership and ability to build team spirit and promote team work, in calm as well as in challenging times.
  • An honest desire to understand the needs of each client, and finding the most beneficial solutions for them.


If you are curious about what we could achieve together, if you want to check up our references or if you need support within any of the fields above,
contact us on
by phone: +47-91 77 90 85.

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